Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful week we have had so far, with more to come this weekend. By the photos online, and all the traffic I expect it to be a busy, and fun weekend on the water for a lot of you. With all the traffic I would think early in the morning or into the night. The night bite has been good.

I would look near brush or out on points for bass. Some late fish may still be guarding fry. Also a dt 10 rapala on bluffs coming out of long coves or spawning areas should produce some fish. I love a shad color. Put your boat right against the bluff and parallel the wall. When it deflects off of cover be ready, and fish it to the boat. My PB came from this and she hit when the bait changed direction under the boat.

Catfish I think should be on bluffs or near bridges. If they are in fact there this is a fun way to fill the freezer. Popeye jigs tipped with crickets, under a float on ultra light tackle. Toss it in and wait. Be ready for a fight! Run your floater about three to four feet deep, 6 pound mono or braid line. Have pliers handy and a towel.

I am also excited to say I have partnered with WOO! tungsten It is an exciting undertaking and I look forward to a long partnership. Go check them out Thank you for your support, good luck and God Bless.

Author: joshmorrisfishing

I am a profesional bass angler and blogger.

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