Barren River Lake Fishing Report 7-25-17

More sweltering heat over the weekend has made it more fun to float than to fish!  staying hydrated sun blocked and safe is very important.  While the fish only know the temperature of the water, the air temperature can be a killer.  Night fishing or early morning/late evening fishing is many times more productive and not as hot this time of year.  I want to talk to you all a bit about night fishing and my favorite tactic for doing so.
Texas rigging a big soft plastic worm.  Dragging this around on main lake points old road beds brush piles even bluffs can be very productive.  One thing to remember in my opinion is to give the fish time to eat the bait.  Some folks say if you feel it they are there but I tend to believe giving them a couple seconds to get it all in their mouth helps with hook up ratios.. We have all swung and missed and pulled a half a worm back in.  A big worm takes a little extra time. I like to try and use as light a weight as possible most of the time.  I have used a big shaky head also with a 3/4 ounce head.  A lot depends on situational things, wind current, are the fish suspending. But for starters I think a bullet weight a 5/0 wide gap hook.  I use 25 lb Power Pro braid in a low vis green color, sometimes with a floro carbon leader sometimes without. For my worm and jig fishing I like the sensitivity, dependability and no stretch of the braid.  I love setting the hook and it being a solid whack. For a rod I use a 7 foot Gloomis e6x wgr ( worm Jig Rod) and pair it with a shimano curado in a high gear ratio.  I think it is important to get it back in quickly for the nexzt cast. Also I ise this combo when I flip because I want the power to get the fish out of the cover. There are a whole barrage of colors to choose from but I tend to lean toward green pumpkin and black.  I once heard a guy say you can through any color worm you want as long as its black.  That isn’t bad advice.  I hope this will encourage some of you to get out and try. Let me know how you all do.


Bass are still scattered a bit and can be very difficult to find.  Just be patient and comb the points you will pick some up.  Drop shot has been producing as good as anything.  Also the new bigger ned rig is doing good too.  be aware of your hook sets with these remember its not a jig!



Crappie should be found at night under lights.


Hybrid are still being caught around the islands at night and early in the mornings.


Blue Gills should be on main lake bluffs.


Catfish are scattered but plentiful cut bait is best.



I have received many emails, questions and comments this summer.  I thank all of you for reading.  I thank all of you for letting me know you read. May the god of Heaven Richly Bless each of you and your families.


Good Luck!

Author: joshmorrisfishing

I am a profesional bass angler and blogger.

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